5 reviews
16:04 13 Mar 23
Highly recommended! Josh and Sarah have been fantastic at Astute. They've found and placed me in 2 jobs now between them, both really responsive and excellent at keeping you up to speed with things. Very knowledgable about the roles and happy to talk to companies with any queries you have.
C R.C R.
10:45 27 Jan 23
Great agency one of the best ones I've worked with! Liz has been a great help and support in helping me towards a new direction in my career life. She is very attentive and keeps me in the loop at all times! She makes the extra effort to work with my preferred requirements for work and even if it isn't completely attainable she meets me in the middle and does as much as she can to help! Also Liz is very funny might I add 😂 and I'm happy that I can now put a face to the name after all these years! Thank you again Liz for all your help and support! 😊
10:32 20 Dec 22
Josh and the Astute team was very swift to help me to find roles that matched my profile. They are really reliable and will help through every step of the recruitment process going out of their way to assist and follow up when needed. Could not find a better recruitment agency!
Helen PinegarHelen Pinegar
16:19 18 Dec 22
Fantastic recruitment agency.. Josh was extremely enthusiastic, encouraging and clearly knowledgeable about what was needed from both the employee and the employers point of view. Extremely supportive especially in regards to interview preparation and endeavoured to procure feedback promptly. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Astute in the future to both candidates and recruiting businesses particularly for the right fit for the role!!!
Lisa LeighLisa Leigh
11:56 30 Nov 22
I have worked as a candidate for Astute and they have been excellent. Super friendly service and professional agents keen to fit the right person to the right job. It has been a pleasure dealing with them and I would happily work for them again in the future. Highly recommend this agency.
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Suite 1, Ground Floor West,Cardinal Square,10 Nottingham Road,Derby. DE1 3QT
Stanford House,19 Castle Gate, Nottingham, NG1 7AQ

Newly promoted for the second time to Managing Consultant, Tom Norton, has finally moved into a new home. Here at Astute we always try our best to support our team in any way we can.

From our Friday pub lunch club, to our office treat box we keep topped up, we make sure we can have fun!

But all of our team have busy lives, and ‘stuff’ happens. From the renovations for a new kitchen (Matt Morgan) to repairing garden fences after storms (Richard Bowe). We’ve allowed them to WFH and have the flexibility to do what they do best – recruitment clearly) but to also enjoy their own lives and deal with that ‘life stuff’ that sometimes gets in the way.

Back to Tom. After numerous possible homes that fell through, finally he was able to exchange – but it was all a bit short notice.

He was a bit anxious!

His saved holiday from last year technically expired with the start of a new holiday year.

He needed a week off to move in and get all the plumbing, wiring and decorating sorted.

Then there were some internet delays and problems.

So how did our owners, Sarah and Mary, help Tom out?

They allowed him to carry over the holiday from last year.

They allowed him to take a week off at very short notice to move in – with their blessing.

The result?

Tom has just moved into his fab new home and we couldnt be happier for him.

(Plus, we’re all waiting for invites to the house-warming party!)



A change in your career is always a critical decision to make. Especially within the world of recruitment. If you are a successful consultant, why would you want to move from your existing employer and team?


It could be that due to a change in circumstance you are looking for more of a work/ life balance, and an employer who knows that if you need to leave early you will make up the time on another occasion.


It may be that post-pandemic and lockdowns, your leadership team are placing unrealistic targets and pressures on you to harass your clients and candidates to ‘force’ a win, rather than allowing the natural flow of a recruitment process preferred by hiring managers and job applicants.


Perhaps you are feeling dissatisfied with the culture and team where you are working. The ‘fun’, ‘banter’ and ‘excitement’ of working in a passionate team seems to have gone missing?


Astute Recruitment Ltd was set up by two friends, and former colleagues, Sarah Stevenson and Mary Maguire, who happened to share a passionate belief that candidates and clients should be treated equally and fairly, but so should the recruitment consultants and teams representing those candidates and clients.


They wanted to demonstrate to a wider audience that there are professional recruitment specialists in the world of accountancy recruitment who value people and integrity more than just a ‘quick fee’. Their passion for recruitment saw Astute Recruitment Ltd progress from a small, unknown agency to become one of the top ‘go to’ financial recruitment specialists in the East Midlands. Unrivalled with over 15 business awards, and currently finalists in the East Midlands Chamber ‘Enterprising Women’s Awards’ Team of the Year category – they could have another award win under their belts in October!


Established nearly 12 years ago, Astute has enabled numerous consultants to train from entry level roles in the business and to go onto secure several promotions. None more so than Sarah-Louise Wykes. Sarah-Louise started at Astute following a successful career in accountancy and began her career at Astute as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. In 4 short years she was promoted 3 times to become Associate Director. Earlier in 2021, Sarah and Mary were delighted to reward all Sarah-Louise’s hard work officially making Sarah-Louise a Director!


Your future career options at Astute are neatly displayed below in an infographic.





The pandemic has taught many of us that in life you cannot take anything for granted. It has changed the working lives and work/life balance between the office and home, perhaps forever. Never has there been a more exciting time for a recruitment company to really harness true partnerships within the business communities through trust and integrity. Those are the values that set Astute above and beyond more national, impersonal agencies. They take the time to provide the ‘human touch’.


Through established recruitment relationships spanning two decades – Astute Recruitment’s owners have been able to maintain these friendships and increase their market share considerably in the last 2 years.


Now, as businesses have learned to navigate remote and agile working practices, Astute are in a position to grow their teams further and expand at what is a really exciting moment for the company.


Sarah had this to say, “Mary and I are really excited to resume our plans for growth after having to put our strategy on hold during 2020. We are looking for like-minded recruitment professionals  or for trainees who are keen to get involved, learn and develop in the recruitment sector. Maybe like Sarah-Louise they can also aspire to promotions and future growth too!”



So if you value working as part of a collaborative, winning team who want to have fun but also work hard – why not contact Sarah Stevenson or Mary Maguire and they will be delighted to have  confidential meeting or conversation with you.



Happy #NationalUnicornDay – in honour of all finance recruiters who find that magical one-of-a-kind candidate!

Here at Astute, we have adopted our very own unicorn as our cuddly mascot! We felt it appropriate to celebrate these mythical creatures as we are always finding ‘unicorns’ for our clients! 😊

celebrating recruiters everywhere who find that one of a kind candidate
One of our MD’s Mary Maguire, having a socially distanced cuddle with our resident unicorn mascot!



National Unicorn Day on April 9th each year celebrates the mythical horse-like creature with a single, pointed horn growing from the centre of its forehead.

Unicorns have been a popular mythical creature since Ancient Greek times when people believed they lived in exotic India. While they were once considered to be fierce, powerful animals, many now see them as a symbol of love, purity, enchantment, and magic. They also appear in many movies and cartoons as magical creatures. Both adults and children find a fascination with unicorns. They also continue to find their way into fantasy novels alongside other mythical creatures.




WHAT TO DO ON #NationalUnicornDay

There are several ways to celebrate this fun day.


Try these fun ideas with some younger fans of unicorns: –

  • Make some brightly coloured unicorn-shaped pancakes or cupcakes.  Decorate them with multi-coloured sprinkles or glitter.
  • Bake chocolate cookies in the shape of unicorns.
  • Watch a favorite movie including unicorns.
  • Draw a picture of a unicorn or write a story about one.
  • Read your favourite fantasy novel featuring unicorns.


Thanks to National Calendar who have also created a colouring page and a picture puzzle.

Can you spot the differences?

Use the key to see if you find them all!